• Many of us hold on to old fears, traumas and stresses and allow them to define and frame our lives. This book shows how to relieve these problems and help you look and feel better on a profound level. Based on the idea that the body is composed of twenty-one important hinges, Meet Your Body shows how we can 'oil' and free these hinges, stretching the body out so we can feel healthy and happy more of the time.

    Noah's therapeutic work is influenced by his background in Rolfing, a hands-on manipulation of the body's connective tissue designed to enhance posture and freedom of movement. From this theory of structural integration, Karrasch has developed a focus on the inseparable connection between our minds and our bodies, our bodymindcore.Guiding the reader through the various hinges of the body, from the big toe to the hip to the head, the author shows how learning to isolate and stretch these hinges in new ways can lead to a happy bodymindcore, making a great difference to overall health and wellbeing.

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  • I enjoyed reading this book and I also learned quite a bit as well. Noah Karrasch's breakdown of the "hinges in our body" are very well described with very easy exercises / stretches to "oil" your own hinges for greater body balance and health. His focus is mainly on the big toes, knees, hip, lumbosacral, stomach, heart, arms, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers and head. His focus on feet and toes was very interesting for me because I have longed believe that many structural problems stem from our feet and ankles. Another area of focus is the stomach and psoas muscle. As a massage therapist I know the importance of those muscles in proper posture, but very few books focus on them in the same in depth this book does. I will be very happy to share this book with my clients in my practice as well as utilize many of Noah's strectches, exercises and relaxation techniques during my treatments.

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