• What's In Your Web?: Stories of Fascial Freedom

  • PAIN? POOR POSTURE? ANXIETY? CHRONIC EXHAUSTION? The issue may be your tissue! Your connective tissue, also known as fascia, may be the primary source of your problems. Since fascial restrictions don't show up on medical scans (X-rays, MRIs, etc) they are commonly overlooked as potential causes for pain and dysfunction but they wreak havoc on the body.

    This book will teach you the basics of fascia and share many examples of how Myofascial Release (MFR) as taught by John F. Barnes, PT can restore the fascial system to optimal health and function.

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  • Similar to the author, Phil Tavolacci, I was a physical therapist who was skeptical of the Myofascial Release approach, until it helped me heal from my own debilitating chronic pain. Now, this approach is a main part of my clinical practice. This book provides an interesting and thorough look at the Myofascial Release approach by inter-weaving Phil’s healing story with technical aspects of the approach and patient testimonials. The latter part of the book also shares the personal healing stories of clinicians. All these viewpoints help to accurately present the highly individual and multi-layered nature of the healing process and the Myofascial Release approach. Phil’s personal story was especially moving and a great example of the process of honestly looking within to transform underlying shame and fear into loving self acceptance. Mary Ruth Velicki MS, DPT. Author of: Healing Through Chronic Pain. A Physical Therapist’s Personal Journey of Body/Mind/Spirit Transformation.

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  • Fantastic book about a fantastic therapy for the fascia! Certainly easy reading. Everyone should read this one! Then go get a myofascial release massage!

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