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  • Thongs or high hill shoes are damaging to the feet structure

    Twenty-five percent of your bones are located in your feet and ankles, and your feet are the foundation of your body, carrying all your weight. With 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot, there’s plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong, especially if you choose ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear. Certain footwear, including thongs and tight-fitting or high-heeled shoes, may damage your

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  • Constantly looking down at your phone can cause a 27 kg force on your neck

    On average, we are spending up to four hours a day looking down to read something or check our phones. This equates to 1,400 hours every year of extra stress on our cervical spines - the part in our necks just above our shoulders. A new study suggests that every time we do, we are putting about 27kg of force on our necks. Many of us use our mobile phones and tablets to search the internet, for

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  • I sit down for living, how does this affect me?

    If you’re spending hours at the office desk stuck in front of a computer, then there is pretty good chance that you too have developed less than perfect posture. While we know that poor sitting posture is bad for us, we usually tend to ignore it because it’s what we need to do in order to complete the job. Office workers spend close to 97% of their time on their bottom. We sit to eat, to [...]

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    A Sluggish Lymph System Causes Snoring

    Snoring is the main symptom of sleep apnea or its precursor condition, hypopnea, which involves the reduction of airflow. While it is disturbing to one’s sleep partner, it is also a sign of a health problem that should be improved to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and significantly improve energy. A new study by Italian researchers pointed out why millions struggle with the above [...]

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  • Got health cover? We are endorsed by all major private health funds.

    Just a few to mention below. HICAPS will be installed soon which will be able to make processing health fund rebates easier.