• Testimonials

  • I came to see Ilona with severe hip pain. The physiotherapist I was seeing at that time thought it was degeneration, and I should wait until it became worse then consider hip replacement. This is not something a 40 year old would contemplate rapidly. Ilona quickly identified that it was a muscular issue and within 3 session, the pain was completely gone. I am so grateful to Ilona for her treatment but also for giving me peace of mind.

    Rating: Susan from Mount Gravatt

  • I would like to give mention to Ilona's work with my daughter (11 yrs old) and my daughter’s rhythmic gymnastics friends to assist in managing a very challenging period of intense training and competitions. She has impressed not only me but also the other parents by her professionalism, thoroughness in her examinations, the massage therapy and subsequent recommendations and follow ups. She researched material for each and every child and shared her knowledge with the parents to assist them in treatment and more importantly prevention.

    Rating: Irina from West End

  • I first met Ilona durning her studies a number of years ago but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in need of her services. After waking up in absolute agony one morning, I called Ilona for help, she identified a problem in my neck and shoulder blade. She explained that spending years at a desk using a computer and holding a phone to my ear with my shoulder had taken its toll. She immediately started treatment, explaining as she went what she was doing. This gave me both understanding and the utmost confidence in her. I was impressed with her professionalism, caring manner, attitude and energy, something I appreciated immensely. Her follow ups, after treatment care, explanations were well received. I have maintained the exercise routine Ilona set up for me and after a number of treatments I'm well on my way to returning to my normal routine, including a weekly gym session with my coach, Ivan. Thank you Illy.

    Rating: Linda from Manly