• Sports massage

  • Nowadays the amateur sportsman may train as much as the top professionals did a decade ago as sporting standards and intensity of training methods increases.
    The body needs to rest to enable it to recover from the fatigue which results from hard training, and to enable it to develop the resilience necessary to achieve increased performance.
    As training builds up progressively a point is reached where the body is no longer able to fully recover between sessions. The symptoms of incomplete recovery are muscle pain, joint pain, tendon inflammation and bursa inflammation. Other indicators of this over training may include restlessness and difficulty in sleeping caused by physical tension.
    When the musculoskeletal system is being over trained in this way it becomes vulnerable to trauma. Whilst following a seemingly normal training schedule one could suffer acute conditions like severe muscle strain, joint sprains and stress fractures.
    Massage is the best form of treatment for muscle tension, and it can be used on a regular basis to help prevent overuse injuries as well as being used as a symptom based approach to the treatment of specific injuries.

    Benefits of Sports Massage:

    • Assists recovery between intense training sessions
    • Reduces injury recovery time and prevents injuries
    • Improves circulation while removing lactic acid buildup and cellular waste
    • Improves athletic performance, endurance and mental focus

    Weekend warriors to professional athletes can expect our massage therapists to provide you more than a typical Sports Massage. We’ll customize your massage treatment plan, help you on your imbalances and empower you to take care of yourself with stretches & strengthening routines.