• Trigger Point Therapy

  • Trigger point therapy is also known as Neuromuscular Therapy and applies concentrated finger pressure to "trigger points" (painful irritated areas in muscles) to break cycles of spasm and pain. Trigger Points are very tender to pressure. They may well be implicated in all types of musculoskeletal and mechanical muscular pain. The pain may be directly due to an active Trigger Point, or pain may build up over time from latent or inactive Trigger Point.

    Classification of Trigger Points

    Central or primary Trigger Point: these are most well established and when they are active, and is both tender to palpation and elicits a referred pain pattern.

    Satellite Trigger Point: may develop as a response to the central Trigger point in neighbouring muscles that lie within the pain referral zone. In such cases, the primary Trigger Point is still the key to therapeutic intervention and the secondary Trigger Points often resolve once the primary point has been rendered inactive.

    Trigger Point Therapy involves placing pressure on that trigger point so that the muscle can relax and the pain can be lessened. Pressure is generally applied with fingers, knuckles, and elbows. This form of therapy is often followed by stretching the muscles.

    Treatment Options:

    • Trigger Point pressure release
    • Myofascial release methods
    • Muscle Energy (MET stretch) Techniques
    • Education to correct perpetuating factors (posture, stress, habits, etc.)
    • Self-help strategies (stretching, hydrotherapies etc.)